Adrienne Frantz | New movie role

The Sunset Beach alum, Adrienne Frantz (Tiffany Thorne) and Scott Bailey have teamed up for The Thing That Keeps You.

Fans of real-life couple Adrienne Frantz and Scott Bailey will want to start working on their squirm factor abilities, because the pair stars in the upcoming horror film The Thing That Keeps You.

The dark movie is set in 1974 and follows a doctor and his associates who work at helping a widow who is disturbed by nightmares and who hasn’t left her home in a year.

Frantz plays a character named Caroline Davies, while Bailey plays Martin Kadish. They will be joined by Trish Cook as Abigail Hendricks, Spencer Trinwith as Kevin Lowe, and Phil Todd as Walter Davies. As fans may recall, this isn’t the first time that Frantz and Bailey, who married in 2011, have teamed up for a film. The real-life husband and wife also starred together in Lifetime’s 2015 thriller film The Perfect Girlfriend.

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Lisa Guerrero | Super Bowl Parties

Lisa Guerrero (Francesca Vargas) attended a couple of Super Bowl parties in Atlanta, GA on February 1, 2019.

Jason Winston George at SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s 3rd Annual Patron Of The Artists Awards

Jason Winston George (Michael Bourne) attended SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s 3rd Annual Patron Of The Artists Awards in Beverly Hills, CA on November 8, 2018.

Tracy Melchior + Christina Chambers | ‘One Life to Live’ Reunion

Tracy Melchior (Tess Evans) and Christina Chambers (Maria Evans) – among other soap stars (outside of Sunset Beach) showed up at a reunion event for “One Life to Live” in Los Angeles on July 27, 2018.

It is amazing to see those ladies = they look so stunning!!!

Clive Robertson in Starhunter ReduX

Clive Robertson has been working on a major role on Starhunter ReduX between 2017-2018.

The Tulip emerges from hyperspace after 15 years with Percy aboard. Dante is lost somewhere in time, but his son Travis, now a grown man, has taken up the bounty hunting profession and is assisted by his friend Marcus Fagen.

The trailer:

Sherri Saum + Priscilla Garita at Jennifer Lopez New Single “Dinero” Release Celebration

Sherri Saum + Priscilla Garita attended Jennifer Lopez’s New Single ‘Dinero’ Release Celebration in Las Vegas, NE on May 20, 2018.