Sarah Buxton
Sarah Buxton plays Annie Douglas / Richards

Annie Douglas was always known as the troublemaker in town and is determent to get what she wants. From the first day seeing her, she’s only been interfering in other people’s lives. While her father, Del Douglas was still alive, she would spend his money coming with a lie that she went to lawschool, while she really skipped college. Annie was head suspect of her fathers murder, which drove her to run away and fight for her innocence.

Annie learned that she had to marry Gregory Richards by the end of June 1998 in order to get her father’s inheritance. Before he was killed, he was having an affair with Olivia Richards and forcing Annie to try to break up their marriage was his revenge.

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Ben/Derek Evans (Clive Robertson)
Ben Evans is a mercurial recluse who lost his wife years ago. He’s spending his days running a business and a club, “The Deep” and the “Java Web” in Sunset Beach, and chatting on the net with a woman named Dorothy from Kansas. His neighbor, Annie Douglas is a spoiled woman who is trying to seduce him. She was also the one who masterminded a nightmare for Meg Cummings when she was revealed as Dorothy. The couple caughts Annie and her partner in crime, Tim Truman, Meg’s ex-fiancé while trying to interfere in their relationship with Ben. The couple reunites in time for Christmas, December 1997.

Derek Evans is Ben’s twin brother who enters the show for the story line Terror Island. It was from the beginning a gift from Ben to Meg to spend New Years there with a couple of friends from Surf Central where Meg lived for quite some time. Derek takes Ben’s place a while during and after the murders on the island… Eventually he is revealed and killed (as they believe).

Bette Katzenkazrahi (Kathleen Noone)
Bette Katzenkazrahi is the sister of Del Douglas, an old friend to Elaine Stevens and a best friend to Olivia Richards. She is a beloved character on the show and brings much laugh and fun to it, who never harmed anybody. Although she was a part of the stealing of Elaine’s long-lost baby and involved in the death of her one of her ex-husbands, Al Kennedy. When Bette came down to financial trouble, Gregory Richards offered her to take the spot as the new Sunset Beach gossip columnist.

The lady was married seven times before the show and lives with her niece, Annie Douglas next door to Ben.

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The rundown:

Meg Cummings (Susan Ward)
Mariah Torres Evans (Christina Chambers)

Eddie Connors ()
Gregory Richards (Sam Behrens)
Olivia Richards (Lesley-Anne Down)
Caitin Richards (Vanessa Dorman/Kam Heskin)
Sean Richards (Randy Spelling)

Cole Deschanel (Eddie Cibrian)

Sarah Cummings (Shawn Batten)
Casey Mitchum (Timothy Adams)
Michael Bourne (Jason Winston George)
Vanessa Hart (Sherri Saum)
Virginia Harrison (Dominique Jennings)
Jimmy Harrison (Jeffrey Woods)
Gabriella Martinez (Priscilla Garita)
Mark Wolper (Nick Stabile)
Paula Stevens (Laura Harring)
Elaine Stevens (Leigh-Taylor Young)

Joan Cummings (Carol Potter)
Tim Truman (Dax Griffin)

Ricardo Torres (Hank Cheyne)
Antonio Torres (Nick Kiriazis)
John Reilly (Del Douglas)