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The Legend

In the 1920’s, handsome Euoropean aristocrat Armando Deschanel found the woman he thought was the love of his life. He had waited so long for her that he willingly engaged in a duel to the death to gain her hand. Victory came with a price. He was forced to flee the country–but not before discovering that the true love he had fought for was not true. Brokenhearted, Deschanel came to America, to the coast of Southern California, determined to start a new life, and as he stood on the shore of the vast Pacific, he wondered if he would ever find true love. Then, as if by magic, a beautiful woman dressed all in black appeared at the water’s edge and walked toward him until she stood at his side. Basking in the beauty of the setting sun, they fell in love. Armando knew it was the magic of that special stretch of beach at sunset that had brought them together. He knew it was not he who found love, but love that found him. The couple married, and Armando built a beachfront castle as a monument to their eternal love. The Deschanels became the toast of Los Angeles, and their seaside home was host to a steady stream of city socialites and Hollywood royalty. Eventually, a small beachfront community arose, inspired by the Deschanel castle–and by the legend that promises everlasting love to those who meet on the town’s sandy shores at sunset. The castle no longer stands, but the legend lives on in the town known as Sunset Beach.