Kam Heskin marries James Maby

Some happy news!!! Kam and James are officially married after so many years together. The couple share a son together. The two attended “Same Day Marriage” in Los Angeles (as seen on photo below) on September 12, 2018.

Congratulations!!! ❤❤

Clive Robertson in Starhunter ReduX

Clive Robertson has been working on a major role on Starhunter ReduX between 2017-2018.

The Tulip emerges from hyperspace after 15 years with Percy aboard. Dante is lost somewhere in time, but his son Travis, now a grown man, has taken up the bounty hunting profession and is assisted by his friend Marcus Fagen.

The trailer:

Happy Birthday Lisa Guerrero!

Lisa Guerrero and Kam Heskin, with Dena Burton hung out for birthday celebration in Los Angeles, California.

Happy birthday Lisa Guerrero!

Today, on April 9, Lisa turns 54! Lisa posted some pictures on social media of her birthday celebration at an Italian restaurant, that Kam Heskin and Dena Burton attended!


Adrienne Frantz and Scott Bailey casting in new movie ‘Poster Cellar’

Adrienne Frantz and husband Scott Bailey are casting in new movie together. The movie is called Poster Cellar, Adrienne will play April and Scott will play Ethan. “A store that sells movie memorabilia, the bootlegger who counterfeits originals, friends who uncover a priceless collection, a film buff who appraises posters, the dealer he lives with and a drug addict hired to steal everything.” [More details]

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